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Month: July 2015

Flight 209

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final boarding call for Royal Air Maroc flight 209 to Casablanca.  All passengers should now be seated on the plane for take-off.”

What? How did that happen? An hour ago, there was still a whole hour left to wait.  I was blogging furiously, trying to get that “in transit” story posted while I was actually still in transit.  I heard lots of Air France calls for flights to Paris.  Every 30 seconds a smooth voice urged me, in loud, clear, unmistakable English, to head directly to France.  I was not a fool.  I knew that it was a trick.  I was not going to France.  Silly airport!

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Ready or Not…

IMG_3185What a whirlwind. How else can I describe the flurry of these last few days? I’ve been spinning in circles from one house to the next, one car to the next, and one suitcase to the next. And now I’m here, sitting at Gate B25, waiting for my boarding call.

Many of you have been kindly emailing, phoning, texting, and dropping by, and the questions are always the same: “Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you ready?” Continue reading

Canada Day in Cowansville

This is what my life looks like right now:


I am surrounded by people I just met, and I feel completely at ease.

Live sitar and guitar music permeate the ornate living space. My red wine matches the oriental carpet and beaded doorways. There are instruments everywhere. And a very tactile cat.

Adults are cooking. Young people are chatting quietly. A couple boys are giggling at the mishaps of various comical pets on a muted flat-screen TV. A big French guy is barbecuing. “Medium rare,” I say. He calls me “darling.” I guess he just calls people that.

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