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Month: April 2015

Circuit Training

Sometimes life strikes me as a continual circuit of hopes and disappointments, with a minor victory thrown in from time to time, just to keep the optimism from completely expiring.

Is this a morose perspective? I suppose so. On my better days, that sentence might read, “Life is an ongoing adventure of hopes and challenges, ever prodding us on to new forms of optimism.” Victory has nothing to do with it, from this viewpoint. It’s all about the effort.

But perpetual effort can be tiring, don’t you think? Without little victories, the circuit can wear us down, no matter how resilient we may be. We become caught in this flux of energies, which we constantly misplace and rediscover, in varying proportions. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I have a lovely little hIMG_1193ouse. It is, as my childhood idol would say, “practically perfect in every way.” And I am learning, in increments, to let it go.

Part of moving to Morocco, you see, is selecting someone else to inhabit my treasured domicile while I’m away.  So far, that has been an emotional process.  It requires trust — both in the potential tenant, and in providence, to provide that tenant when the time is right.  Strengthening one’s “trust muscles” can be a gruelling task, especially when one feels interminably caught in Fortuna’s spinning wheel.

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Rent Me!


My beautiful little house is looking for someone to love it while I’m away in Morocco for the next two years.  Might you be the one?

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Morocco, Part 2: Home Appeal

Who would have thought that moving to Morocco would arouse a sort of grief?

But it has – a strong and foolish grief that has me paralyzed with inactivity. I call it house grief. And I don’t mean that I’m feeling inconvenienced or annoyed (as in, “This broken zipper is causing me grief”); no, I’m embarrassed to say I am grieving over a carefully constructed pile of bricks.

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I am Moving to Morocco!

No, really, I am.

I have been tormenting my friends and acquaintances for days now with cryptic comments about exciting new developments in my mundane little life, and the day has finally come when I can shout it from the rooftops: I’m moving!

I just signed a two-year teaching contract with an international school in the legendary city of Casablanca. I’ll be teaching music to students from Kindergarten to Grade 5: my dream job, my dream climate, my dream of dreams in every way.

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