Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from tepid Kingsville, where the Regehrs and Bretzlaffs have gathered to celebrate a green and drizzly Christmas. The task of chronicling our activities will be a simple one this year, since 2014 was not all that different from 2013 for most of us. Charmaine and I continue in our teaching positions at our respective schools, Dave continues his church work, Mary continues her grandmothering and volunteer work, and Nathan and Jocelyn continue with their teenage lives of school, hockey, and socializing. Really, there are just a few minor variations to note.

On the teaching front, I now teach Grade 1/2 part-time at Jack Callaghan Public School, and Charmaine teaches Grade 1 at South Shore Christian School. We both agree that, despite their relative helplessness, the wee ones are a hoot to teach. I have left my morning music position at Rhema Christian School and expanded my piano teaching schedule at home. I have a special affinity for teaching theory, and am blessed this year with a number of super-keen students who share my unnatural fascination with the circle of fifths. What a delightful way to spend five days a week.

Dave continues to minister at South Point Community Church, a contemporary Mennonite Brethren congregation in Leamington. In an age of religious conflict and church splits, the people at South Point have taken a step toward unity, and are celebrating a merger with the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church. The two groups had been sharing a building for some time, and now enjoy a combined service under Dave’s leadership.

Mary continues to volunteer at the MCC thrift shop in Leamington when she is not busy attending her grandchildren’s hockey, soccer, baseball or basketball games. Nathan is 16 and will soon be driving himself to the arena, where he spends time on the ice as both a goalie and a referee. I’m not sure how Jocelyn (13) feels about having her big brother ref her games, but she continues to thrive in sports, music and academics.

I continue my involvement with my choir, church, and synchronized swimming team; Charmaine keeps busy with her fitness classes, books, and puzzles; Dave belongs to a group of avid motorcyclists, who built him a bike in exchange for snacks; most of us enjoy a rousing game of Monopoly or soccer; and some of us have even been on a date or two this year.

As always, we are thankful for your warm and welcome presence in our lives, and think of you fondly throughout the year. All the best in 2015!


Natasha, Mary, Dave, Charmaine, Nathan and Jocelyn