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Month: October 2014

On Criticism

I was fortunate today to attend an inspiring writer’s workshop with a pretty welcoming and inclusive crowd; my first such experience, however, was not quite so affirming.  Here’s a brash little tale about a critic from my rather distant past.

She trundles into class on the first day and everyone acknowledges her with an affectionate respect. I wonder why.

The first thing is her posture. It plots with her rather unremarkable clothing to create a bag lady effect. I feel sorry for her. How brave of her to come. Continue reading

2014 Gratitude List

You may have noticed a funny little game going around on Facebook, whereby people nominate each other to share a few things for which they are thankful.  The challenge is to “post three things you’re grateful for each day for seven days.”

I say, PSHAW.  That’s no challenge at all.  I’ve done that, week after week, year after year, since 2007, without repeating anything.*

It gets a little tricky to do that for seven years running, so I’ll modify the challenge for all of you novices out there:  Can you muster up 365 consecutive days of gratitude, and post your list next Thanksgiving?

I did! So here, without further ado, is my (minimally censored) 2014 Gratitude List:

The sun came out and warmed me up

I got an extra hour outside

I made the soup yesterday

Gloria is okay

I made it to the end of this emotionally unsavoury day

And tomorrow will be different

My back yard at night, with stars and wisps of clouds. It gives me cause for deep breaths and solace.

Children who stay home to vomit… Continue reading

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